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Adorable Homemade Furry Dog Cake

My ten year old daughter wanted to have a dogie themed birthday party. So I began searching online for ideas of how to make a Dog Cake and that’s how I came to this website for a little inspiration. I have decorated my children’s cakes every year, each one unique and special to them.

I began this cake with a loaf pan, six cupcakes, two large marshmallows and half of a banana for the tail which is secured with two toothpicks. I used butter cream frosting and tinted it with Wilton paste food colors. Hershey kiss for the nose and M&M’s for the eyes. I used the Wilton tristar tip 2010 for filling in the body, tip 233 for the furry ears and tail, tip 2 for detailing of the mouth and paws, tip 47 for the collar, tip 7 and 101 for the rose placed near the ID tag, tips 7 and 81 for the flowers near back paws.

I cut out a small piece of tin foil in a heart shape for the ID tag and tip 2 for the initial. This pup was a joy to create and the big smile on my daughter’s face was pure happiness.

4 thoughts on “Adorable Homemade Furry Dog Cake”

  1. Please tell where and how you used the cupcakes and the marshmallows. Thank you. This is very cute and my granddaughter will love it.

  2. Please tell where and how you used the cupcakes and marshmallows. Thanks. My Granddaughter asked for a puppy cake for her going away party.She’ll love this.


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