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Coolest Doggie Cake

My son LOVES dogs so I wanted to make him a doggie cake for his first birthday. This cake is designed after his Grandma’s dog Daisy, who is the first dog he met. He recognized “Day-dee” right away and couldn’t take his eyes off her. I also made a small bone for his smash cake.

I got the idea for the design from Dog Cake #26 on this site. The body is a 9×13 cake cut in half and stacked. The front legs are pieces of a loaf pan, cut to shape, and the back legs are from the same pan with the haunches as stacked smaller pieces, all glued with frosting. The head is half of a small Wilton ball pan on top of half a 6″ round (to give it more height).

I glued the head together with frosting and stuck 2 wooden skewers in to hold it to the body. I carved out the nose – but it wasn’t long enough and looked a bit like a pig, so I molded the end of the muzzle from a Rice Krispie treat and stuck it on with toothpicks. Then the nose got a bit unsteady, so I used a plastic ball to support it – which added that perfect touch, I think! The ears and tail are also molded from Rice Krispie treats and stuck on with toothpicks.

The bone is carved out of another cake, single layer.

I used the Durable Cake Recipe from Cake Central and it worked really well. One batch for the 9×13 body, one batch for the legs and head, and one batch for an emergency 9×9 pan just in case (I have learned to always have an extra cake!) I ended up using half of the emergency cake for the bone. I baked all the cakes ahead of time and froze them for at least 24 hours, wrapped in plastic wrap and foil.

I made one batch of Wilton butter cream frosting for a crumb coat / filling and let that set for several hours. I made another batch for the outer coat and colored part brown and part white – used that for the body and bone. It was very easy to frost since I wanted it to look furry so it didn’t have to be smooth. The eyes and nose posed a bit of a dilemma but I ended up microwaving tootsie rolls and molding them for the eyes (I wanted that brown color) and I carved a chocolate square for the nose. The black and red is just piping gel.

Everyone LOVED it and they’re already talking about birthday #2.

Homemade Doggie Cake

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