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Coolest Doggy Birthday Cake77

My niece wanted a Doggy Birthday Cake for her 6th birthday. After looking through pictures, she decided she wanted one that looked like Lady from “Lady & the Tramp”. She wanted long floppy ears & a pink tongue hanging out. Oh, and the day before (with the cake half done) she decided it should also be wearing a party hat. I got lots of ideas from looking through this site.

I used a family recipe for chocolate cake, since that’s what she asked for. I used a loaf pan for the body and a small Pyrex bowl for the head. The leg joints are cupcakes, cut on one side to sit flat against the cake, and the legs are Twinkies. Under the head are two stacked mini cupcakes to hold it up.

I carved the head shape free hand. The ears & tail are Vienna finger cookies. I put it all together, using icing as glue, then dirty iced it and put it in the fridge overnight. I used store bought frosting for the entire cake & tinted with Wilton icing tint as needed.

For the dog’s hair, I piped on using tip #6, making it look long & flowing. I had a golden retriever at my feet waiting for something to fall on the floor so I used her hair as a model. I tinted the ears & tail slightly darker and made the hair shorter. For the eyes I used Reese’s Pieces & a dab of white icing. The nose is a Hershey kiss. I piped on a mouth & the tongue is bubble tape.

The collar is fruit by the foot & I piped her name on it. I also piped on the bows at the ears & the heart shaped tag on her collar. The party hat is a sugar ice cream cone wrapped with fruit by the foot. I didn’t put it on until right at the end because it had to make an hour long journey. The biscuits are graham cracker Scooby snacks & I piped her name & the number 6 on them.

This was my first 3D cake and not only did it look great, but it tasted great, too. I was sad to see this one cut up, but everyone enjoyed it, especially the birthday girl!




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