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Coolest Doghouse Birthday Cake

This Doghouse Birthday Cake was my son Jack’s first birthday cake. I wanted it to be something really special so I did the theme of what he loves most, our dogs! I couldn’t find any ideas that were just right and then I came up with this!

It is all BC frosting with fondant dogs and graham cracker house. Yes, I even added dog poop! It was my first time using fondant and it was fun making the dogs. I attached the dog parts together with regular BC, (I know I should have used royal but I didn’t want to make another icing batch, but it still stuck together).

Same with the dog house. Icing the cakes didn’t turn out as well as I would have hoped. With trying to get darker colors it seemed to make the frosting gritty looking and I had issues trying to get the frosting smooth enough. But with creative detailing, I was able to hide most of the imperfections.

This was also my first time stacking cakes with dowel rods. Not bad for my first cake! Each year I hope to get better and better!

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