Considering my first attempt to be somewhat a success, I decided to give it another go. This time, I baked two cakes, one round one for the bottom and then the doll cake itself. I rolled out the fondant and then as I unrolled it with the rolling pin so that it covered the cake completely, like a wedding gown. I then cut around close to the edge and tucked the icing under the cake. Phew!

The rest was easy, I used a fondant design cutter to make the borders and attached it to the cake with some butter icing; cut strips to make the bow, long ribbon and belt, then piped dots, lines and stars with butter icing for added decoration. The bodice was just a strip of icing and then folded over at the back like a seam. The hand bag was input from my husband. I used a small strip of wire for the handle so that it didn’t break off. I always use ganache under my fondant – it just tastes better than butter icing. This time though I put the cake in the fridge before layering the fondant which also helped in the smoothing of the fondant over the cake.