Coolest Donkey Kong Cake

My five year old grandson requested a Donkey Kong Cake with Diddy Kong for his 5th birthday. I pondered over it a bit. Saw some neat ideas, yet my family is not crazy over fondant. So whatever I was going to do could have a hint of fondant, but not covered in it.

Cake Prep:

I made a round cake for the bottom layer. Approx 10 inch. Next I used a small bowl, a two cup Pyrex measuring cup, a six inch heart pan and two very small loaf pans. Baked them all and froze them. Used the heart to create the arms, (cut down the middle after having cut the tip of the heart off to create the curlycue on top of his head). The two cup Pyrex cake was the head, the small bowl the torso and the small loaf pans for the hands and support of the arms, and cut a round out of one of the loaf pans to use for Diddy Kong.

I used brown mixed with a little black to make the animal color and then beige for the other animal colors. Green and dark blue smooth iced the green, star tipped the dark blue. Used simple butter cream icing (homemade) for everything but the scarf, Kong’s mouth and Diddy’s hat. Rolled a little colored fondant for those accents. (premade fondant is so easy to color using a little dab of Wilton color to create just the right colors you want.)

It was a fun cake to do. My little buddie totally enjoyed it. His guests got a kick out of it too.

Extra Tip:

Found if the arms seem a tad heavy using a very small dowel rod through the arms (near the shoulder area) and torso worked nicely. The wooden skewers used for shish kabobs just the perfect size. Bottom layer deep chocolate, Kong was yellow cake.

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