Coolest Dora and Boots Double Cake

This Dora and Boots Double Cake was for the birthday part of my 3 year old daughter. We had a lot of guests and I decided one cake won’t be enough – hence the double Dora and Boots showing.

The cake was regular yellow cake covered with fondant. In between layers and below the fondant I used cream cheese buttercream with orange flavor. Both cakes and the board underneath were covered with white fondant as a background and for an integrated feel of the double cake (I had some tearing up of the stretched fondant – the “spilled” flowers were a late addition to cover these nicks and tears, but it turned out surprisingly nice).

For Dora and Boots I used templates made out of coloring sheets downloaded off Internet. I got the colored fondant from Michaels (the Wilton brand) – most of the colors were directly usable, I just had to mix a bit for Dora’s eyes and mouth. Cut the faces and the hair separate, just make sure they don’t get out of shape when transferring to the cake, so that they still match. The eyes and mouths I rolled very thin and put on top of the face. For the black inside the eyes and for the noses I used Wilton’s edible color markers.

The cake made quite a splash at the party and my daughter was very happy with the likeness.

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