Sweet Homemade Dora Face Birthday Cake

I decided 2 make my daughter’s cake for her 3rd birthday. My cake was a homemade recipe I have played with for a while baked in a 9-inch square tin making 2 of these then cut the cakes to make them even, then filled with chocolate buttercream.

I used ready to use royal icing to cover the cake I didn’t use marzipan as none of my children like it. I copied a picture I found on the internet onto baking paper then traced onto the cake with a toothpick. I coloured shop bought buttercream icing to the right colours I needed and filled in the picture with a star tip. I then used pink buttercream to create a pink edge.

This homemade Dora birthday cake was great fun to do and everybody’s reaction is great so far, can’t wait to eat it tomorrow :)