Coolest Dora Birthday Cake Design

This Dora Birthday Cake Design was for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I used the Frozen Butter Cream Transfer Technique. I taped the picture to a piece of clear Plexiglas and then placed a piece of wax paper over that. Plexiglas makes it easy to see places that you have missed.

I traced out the picture using #1 round tip and black Wilton icing in the tube. I put the outline in the freezer to firm and then I colored my icing filling in all areas of the picture. Make sure icing gets into small corners. When all is colored in I placed back into the freezer for approx. 45 min. When cake is iced as desired take transfer from freezer, flip, and peel wax paper off carefully. Place as desired and complete decorating.

The name and stars are made of fondant. Recipes for fondant can be found on the internet. The boxed fondant does not taste good at all! Remember that the transfer will be a mirror image of your picture and that any letters will need to be in mirror image also. There are good, further detailed instructions for FBCT on the internet. Needless to say my daughter loved her DORA cake!

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