Easy Homemade Dora Cake

I made this head of Dora cake for my daughter’s third birthday. This cake was fairly easy to make.

I made a butter cake in a rectangle baking tin. I made the actual cake two days before and iced it the night before the party.

I cut out the shape of the head from a template I drew freehand. I made a Vienna cream and coloured separate batches with coloured icing paste. The black icing looked okay on the cake but I should have used chocolate as the icing tended to stain some of the children’s hands when they were eating their cake. I used toothpicks to apply the eyes and a knife dipped in hot water to apply the face and large areas.

The Vienna icing does need to be refrigerated but the cake needed to be removed from the fridge an hour or so before the party so it was at room temperature for serving.

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