My daughter is Dora crazy and for her 3rd birthday I decided to make a Dora cake. Once thought out, this cake was very easy to make.

I searched the internet for a Dora image and then traced the image to the top of a round cake using fine white icing. To do this I printed the Dora head image 4 times then cut out the different sections. Laid the hair on and traced that, then the eyes, neck line etc. Using the images like a stencil.

I let the image go over the top and down the sides of the cake for a more realistic look rather then having the sides of the cake plain.

Then, using a butter knife, iced in the rest of the cake keeping to the white icing guide lines. After the cake was iced in the Dora colours I retraced the guide lines in a dark chocolate fine line and added the detail in her hair and face.

My daughter loved the cake and it was a big hit with all the party guests.