This Dora Cake Idea also features in the coolest Dora parties write up. I am so proud if this cake, I couldn’t bring myself to cut it up, I had to get someone else to do it!!

For my little girl’s 2nd birthday, we went all out, we decked our house out as a Dora adventure party, so I needed a cake to match. Firstly I baked two round marble cakes, one smaller than the other for the bottom layers. The top layer is a rectangular butter cake slightly rounded to form Tico’s car.

I made a big batch of green buttercream and iced each layer with it, even under the premade icing (for flavour, especially if the kids picked off the sugar icing).

The bottom layer is striped alternate purple, pink and orange (it was supposed to be heaps darker but I know now that food colouring doesn’t hold very well, I should’ve used food paste…) with a few diamond shapes for decorative appeal.

The middle layer is green ‘grass’ (buttercream), separated with spearmint leaves. The top layer, my favourite, is Tico’s car!! It is shaped and decorated with premade icing, with pink smarties for the lights, mint slice Bikkies as the wheels, and I even made a personalized DORA number plate!

I used the Dora bathtime doll inside it and added other characters on the lower layers and a funky candle and Walla!!