This Dora Cake Idea is a birthday cake I did for a close friend’s daughter’s 2nd birthday (Dora mad). It was just a chocolate sponge cake base. I drew the pic of Dora onto a a3 sized piece of paper then cut her out. Placed her on top of the cake and pinned her to it. With another pin I traced around the outside of Dora very lightly.

Now for the time consuming part of pin pricking the design through the paper onto the cake. Once finished take the piece of paper off the cake and your left with a dot to dot picture to create. When you have finished joining the dots its time to prepare they butter icing and colour it black to pipe the design you have just drawn. Then its just a matter of using icing to colour her in. I fully piped this cake as I think it gives it a great look.

And best of all the birthday girl was stoked.