The Dora Doll Birthday Cake Design was made from pure love for my 3 year old daughter (who by the way is crazy about Dora the Explorer!) I started my research here at Coolest Cakes and found an amazing Dora Doll submission and I just knew I had to try and make one as well. My Dora Doll may not be the best one here but I think it is fair to say that if you really want to do something you can!

I started by baking 2 Funfetti cakes with pudding in the mix… one was baked in my Pampered Chef mixing bowl (this was a little tricky you need to reduce the heat by 25 degrees and increase the baking time to an hour and ten minutes and make sure you test the cake because it can be tough to get it cook through to the center) and the other was baked in two layer square pans.

After the cakes cooled I wrapped them in foil and put them in the refrigerator. I wasn’t going to ice them until the following day. Icing was another trick all together! I made a big mistake and tried a new recipe (Marshmello Buttercream), it had a great taste but the consistency was no good for decorating so I had to make it again with a tried and true old fashion Butter Cream.

The square cakes were layers and with my #18 star tip I piped green frosting to look like grass. Cut the center out of my bowl cake and placed it on top in the center of my square cake (save the circle you cut out it is the little cake)with lavender and orange butter cream I piped ruffles with my #104 tip alternating the colors if you don’t have two tips use a coupler it is kind of a pain but…it works.

I used the Birthday Dora Doll, she came with a little bracelet and under her clothes she has painted on panties and bra so no need to wrap her up. Into the cake she goes and I frosted all the way up to her chest. I decorated the left over cut outs to add the candle and secured it to the front of Dora with small wooden dowels. It was a lot of work but worth it, everyone loved the cake especially my little Birthday Girl!