Coolest Dora Ice Cream Birthday Cake

I made a Dora Ice Cream Birthday Cake with two layers of chocolate cake and one layer of chocolate chip ice cream. I frosted the first layer with cool whip. Then I used butter cream icing to decorate Dora’s face! I made two 9 X 13 cakes using Duncan Hines Devils Food Cake. I used just enough batter to cover the bottom of the pan.

Basically made 5 cupcakes and 1 9 X 13 cake per box of cake. After the cakes were made, I wrapped them in aluminum foil and froze overnight. I molded the chocolate chip ice cream in the 9X13 pan and froze for 5 hours. I then put the ice cream in the middle of the two layers of cake and made the cake as even as possible. Froze the ice cream cake for 2-5 hours. Frosted the cake with cool whip as my first layer of frosting – though butter cream frosting would work just fine too, and I think I will do that next time because cool whip melts quickly! Then I allowed the cake to freeze overnight or five hours is the recommendation.

I frosted an outline of Dora’s face, then put the ice cream back in the freezer, then I frosted her hair, back in freezer, then I frosted her face and tongue and froze for 5 hours before celebrating!


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