I made this Dora the Explorer cake for my cousin’s daughter.Inspiration for this cake came from the Tinkerbell cakes, which I found on this site.

I used the Wilton wonder mold for Dora’s dress. Cake was vanilla flavor. The bottom half of Dora was wrapped in saran wrap. I tinted pink and purple buttercream icing and used tip #104.

The bottom cake was decorated with a star tip (took me some time to cover the whole thing). The flowers are made of white chocolate (used the Dancing Daisy Flower Lollipop Mold). Made the flowers 2 days in advance (the flowers set pretty fast if placed in the freezer for a couple minutes, so they can even be made the same day). Cake was made of a bottom layer of vanilla and a top layer of strawberry and a strawberry filling.

I baked the cakes in advance. I had to freeze them (party was changed to a different date). So for anyone who has not frozen cakes, just make sure you wrap them (undecorated) with saran wrap and place in the freezer. To defrost just set them at room temperature for at least 4-5 hours. Cakes still looked and tasted fresh.

The kids loved the cake!!

Dora the Explorer Cake

Dora the Explorer Cake