Coolest Dora the Explorer Jungle Cake

I made this Dora the Explorer Jungle Cake for my god daughter’s birthday as she loves Dora. It is made using items you can easily buy from the supermarket or lolly shop and my main aim was that it would all be edible by children at the party, as sometimes they don’t like to eat the fondant of the more formal style cakes.

It is made using a large chocolate mud cake cut down the middle in an “S” shape on a large cake board. I then iced it using a basic chocolate butter icing all over including inside the ‘cavern’. I also added extra smaller mounds at the front and rear using vanilla muffins cut and molded to fit the larger cake edges. I then used spaghetti to secure all the pieces together.

The decorations I used as follows. I made all of the pieces the night before, so putting it together was breeze on the morning of.

Trees: Chocolate desert sticks and green coca-cola bottles cut into palm fronds (threaded onto toothpicks) with toothpicks and basic hard icing to secure fronds to the sticks.

Bridge: Chocolate log biscuits and kitchen twine

Rocks: Chocolate gems & chocolate covered sultanas

Base of palm trees: Green icing, flowers from girls lolly necklaces, coconut coloured with green food dye and small sugared bananas

Logs: Mini Chocolate “Flake” bars

River: Basic Blue jelly chopped. Overflow foam is white & blue glitter icing gel

Both figurines are small Dora the Explorer “vehicle magic” toys from the supermarket toy aisle.

This cake was very enjoyable and easy to make. All the kids loved it too!

2 thoughts on “Coolest Dora the Explorer Jungle Cake”

  1. This is so cool! It is good to see some cakes from Oz, so that we can buy the stuff in our local shops.

    One question as to how you got the palm leaves to stick to the palm trunks?

    Well done, it looks ace! Bella

  2. I absolutely adore this cake. I am going to try and use a lot of your ideas for the one I am making. I cannot find any instructions for how to make blue jelly, though. So I guess I’ll have to make it with Jell-O.


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