Coolest Dora’s Backpack Cake

This was an easy way to make Dora’s backpack. I put parchment paper under a 9×13 yellow cake from a box, baked, cooled and pulled the cake out onto a cutting board using the paper. I made sure the cake was chilled before cutting it down to shape- It was easier to frost when cooled (less crumbs). The frosting is just vanilla frosting from a can which I tinted purple. I used wax paper cut into desired shapes to lightly “trace” the eyes, eyebrows and mouth onto purple frosting with a sharp knife. You could do without this step if you trust your steady hand and art skills- but I don’t trust mine! Chocolate frosting for outlines and eyes- I didn’t have black. Red sprinkles over vanilla frosting for mouth. The eyebrows are vanilla frosting tinted yellow. Drew everything on with a small piping tip and “smushed” with a wet finger to make smooth. My 2 year old loved it!

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