Coolest Dora’s World Cake

For anyone who’s ever made any cake, this Dora’s World Cake is simple and rewarding.

This ‘Dora Cake’ we made for our daughter features a tootsie roll bridge, gel icing stream, nerds for wildflowers, gumdrop bushes and everyone’s favorite, fudge mountain! Complete with trickling chocolate syrup and topped with powdered sugar.

First use any cake mix you wish and simply follow the directions. This cake isn’t so much about being perfect and more about being fun. One big cake, 2 small round cakes, doesn’t matter because you’re going to cut it up and use icing to paste an abstract shape. (Note* layers and dips give a realistic landscape look)

Once you have the shape you spread the icing. You can buy white and dye it multi-shades of green or make your own (mine’s a family recipe so here you’re on your own sorry). Make sure to remember to leave a white ‘stream’ where you want it. If you want to draw waves or fish in the water do it now before the gel. You can also dye the icing light blue for this part to help with vibrancy.

Now you have your canvas so let the important part begin. This cake is as if Dora stumbled into candy land so go crazy with it. Here’s what we used…

WILDFLOWERS-You will need to add the nerds as you put the darker green on so it holds them in as it sets.

GUMDROP FOREST- Green gumdrops (on the right behind the bridge)

STREAM- Store bought blue gel icing (buy the Disney princess pack and the other colors can be used for trim and words)

TOOTSIEROLL BRIDGE- Self explanatory :) we used both the big ones and the long skinny ones but any kind will work as you just mold them how you want them anyway. If you microwave them they will bend easier. To stick them together heat a small frying pan and melt them just a little. Remove and stick them together quickly.

…and finally

FUDGE MNT. – Use your preferred brand brownie mix and mold the mass of chocolate goodness into a mountain. Don’t be afraid to squish and squeeze it (the kids are going to anyway lol). Make sure you wait until the last minute to add the syrup and powdered sugar because it will trickle.

Use icing to get Dora (or whatever character you want) to stick and prepare to receive complements.

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