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Coolest Dr Doofenschmirtz (of Phineas and Ferb) Cake

I was glad my son requested a Dr Doofenschmirtz (of Phineas and Ferb) cake for his 21st birthday. The whole family was hooked on the show and I was excited for the challenge (I had made my daughter a Phineas and Ferb roller coaster the year before.)

I found a good pose of him online and enlarged it. I cut it out and placed it on the frosted blue cake, which was made in a half-sheet size pan but I cut some off to make a large square. I outlined around the image with a toothpick.

I then removed the paper and piped an outline in black, following the dotted lines.

I filled him in with the homemade butter cream frosting in the appropriate colors.

I was happy that his lab coat turned out so well, as I am a pharmacy tech and wear one too.

Then my dilemma began with what to write on the cake. I kept thinking it should say something about an “-inator” of some kind since Doofenschmirtz is always inventing them. I researched some episodes online and found quotes.

So I chose one and paraphrased a bit, adding to it my son’s name and age. It was the most writing on a cake that I have ever made and writing in frosting is not my strong point.

My son loved his cake of the Not-So-Evil scientist.

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