Cute Homemade 3D Dragon Birthday Cake

This Dragon Birthday Cake is a cake I made for someone who really likes dragons and dinosaurs. It was made at work, for work, so supplies were limited and I didn’t have much money to work with.

It is made out of 2 round cakes and two cupcakes. For this cake I did not level my cakes. I cut the first round cake in half and stood them up to form the body. The second cake was then cut to make the head, tail, and neck (see diagram). Two cupcakes were made.

The whole thing was assembled (diagram) and frosted with buttercream frosting. The legs, eyes and nostrils were all made with buttercream that was pipped on. The toenails were also buttercream and the middle row of spikes (green) were buttercream. The smaller red spikes were buttercream as was the hair. The larger red spikes were made with chocolate melts. I pipped triangle shapes on wax paper and let them sit. Flames were added for effect.