Cute Homemade Dragon Birthday Cake

For my daughter’s 8th birthday she wanted a dragon themed party. So of course, I HAVE to make a Homemade Dragon Birthday Cake! I made two chocolate 9″ round cakes using a recipe I had. One cake was cut in half and used for the main body. The other cake was quartered and used for the head, haunches, and tail.

The feet are just made of frosting, cream cheese with some green coloring. The spikes were my favorite touch of all. I found some star shaped candy molds and used red candy melts to make the stars. Each spike is two stars with flat sides together. The flames were drawn onto the cutting board on which this dragon was assembled with cheap shiny icing that comes in a tube. No one was going to eat that part and it is the easiest to write with.

My daughter and I had a very fun time making this cake together!