I like Ace of Cakes and wanted to make something nice for my brother’s fifteenth birthday. This was my first ever shaped cake. My brother and mom have a thing for dragons, so I looked at a couple of the dragon cakes on this site and took it from there to make my own Homemade Dragon Birthday Cake Design. I used a store-bought chocolate cake. I shaped the body to look like a curled dragon, using stacked rectangular cakes.

The leftover pieces were the perfect size to start the tail and form the head. I rounded a leftover piece for the bottom of the head, and there was a square piece that I turned to raise the eyes and brow. I used leftover edge pieces for the paws and leftover large pieces for the hind leg. I used a marshmallow fondant recipe found online (melted marshmallows and powdered sugar – produces pastel colors but tastes better than real fondant) and colored it green.

I covered the entire cake in buttercream (store bought) because it smooths the fondant covering and lifts any inconveniently shaped corners. I rolled the fondant out and draped it over the cake. Trimmed the edges with a pizza cutter. Shaped the diamond of the tail and the wings and spines from more fondant. Used red icing (store bought) to outline the dragon to cover over imperfections and used it for detail and decoration. I smeared it to create shading in the wings. The shiny spheres were just rolled until shiny. When the fondant tore, I used a drop of water to soften the fondant around it and melt the torn edges together.