I made this Dragon Birthday Cake Design for my son’s 9th birthday party this weekend. He wasn’t too sure about it, but loved the end result! I made it using the Funfetti cake mix at Walmart, and vanilla frosting. I used green food coloring drops to make the green color. For the decorations, I used fruit slices, malted balls, 1 large marshmallow, Spree candies, yogurt covered pretzels, and cinnamon graham crackers.

First I made the cake according to box directions using a Bundt pan. Then, mixed the food color and icing together until I reached the color I wanted. Next, after the cake is done and allowed to cool, cut the cake into the shape as directed on original recipe. After that, I arranged the cut shapes onto a platter and then proceeded to put icing on. Then, I placed the decorations as shown.

Lastly, I crushed some cinnamon graham crackers and placed around the dragon to look like sand.

My son absolutely loved it and wants me to do it again next year! It wasn’t as hard as it looked, actually pretty easy. The decorating was the hardest for me, I tend to over think things a lot!