Coolest Dragonball Z Cake

I think this character is Gohan from the Dragonball Z show/game. My son loves these characters and requested that I make this Dragonball Z cake for his 9th birthday.

I first found a coloring page that he liked and made a simplified line drawing of it on separate piece of paper. I baked a box cake in a 9 by 13 inch pan and crumb coated it. I then made flesh colored icing and approximated where the face would be and just smeared a blob on the cake.

From that point I outlined Gohan with black icing. It’s going to look sloppy for a little bit but you will be icing over any imperfections. I filled in the outline with the appropriate colors. Don’t worry if you go outside the lines you can re-ice the lines in black later. The sides were looking a little rough and I was running out of the colored icing so I just iced them in chocolate and pressed in nonpariel sprinkles.

My son loved this, especially the brass knuckles with his name on it.

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