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Coolest Duck Cake

My son loves ducks! They are his favorite bath tub toy. I was trying to think of a neat theme for his first birthday and since I had just decorated his bathroom in ducks, I thought WHY NOT? He just loves them! I had tons of different color ducks in his bathroom so to make a duck cake would not be too-hard.

Well, I went online and found the 3-D Ducky pan (Birthday Express)(which you can get cheaper on EBay). I read all the reviews on the internet before attempting it. Thanks to all of that great feedback! I think it helped a lot! I went exactly by the directions. I made butter creme icing for everything.

*(By the way- 5 1/2 cups of batter is almost 2 boxes of mix).

I did use pound cake instead as directions stated. I had no problems with the duck sticking to the pan either. I decorated everything myself.

I made cupcakes with blue icing for everyone. I put marshmallows around the duck to make it look like bubbles.

Also, I made a small bundt cake for Tanner to destroy with a number 1 on it. I made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches cut in duck shapes. I made assorted cookies cut in duck shapes. I had hamburger cheese dip and chips. Regular chips and dip, peanuts, ice cream, and mints.

I had a cooler filled with mini-drinks (assorted) and mini bottles of water.

Decorations: I had 10 blue, yellow and white balloons and 2 big HBD balloons. I had the ducky table cover with the frog on it. I had Tanner’s picture in a frame so you could sign it. I had little ducks sitting around every where. I had party favors in ducky bags with a duck, bubba teeth, assorted candy and whistles.

I was very pleased the way his party turned out. I am a first time Mom and I just felt it had to be special. He may not know it, but I would know it! The cake is not that hard. Just take your time and concentrate. Go by the directions.

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