Coolest Dueling Dragons Birthday Cake

I made this Dueling Dragons Birthday Cake for my son’s 4th birthday party. He’s very into dragons, especially the movie “How to Train Your Dragon,” so I tried to make the little dragon look like the Night Fury from the movie, battling a larger dragon.

The big dragon is a lemon cake with lemon/orange buttercream frosting, with strawberry spikes, marshmallow/chocolate-chip eyes, and candy eyebrows and nostrils. The little one is a chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream frosting, raspberry spikes, and eyes made from green jelly bellies and mini chocolate M&Ms stuck on with a dab of icing.

I used jelly bellies for the claws, mini M&Ms for spots, and fruit roll-ups for the wings and fiery breath. I love the wild fruit roll-ups you can get now for the wings and the fire (I believe the flavors were called Tropical Tie-Dye and Cherry Orange Flame). I used seedless raspberry jam on both to stick the parts together before frosting the cakes.

It’s very easy to put the dragons together. I made the chocolate dragon smaller by baking the two rounds in Pyrex bowls that were about half the size of the standard 9-in. cake pans used to make the larger lemon dragon.

My son loved his dragon cakes! (although he informed me that the chocolate one did not look like a Night Fury at all, since it should have been black with yellow eyes. Oh well! This was a lot of fun (kept me up waaaaay too late the night before the party) and got lots of ooos and ahhhs at the party.

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