Cool Dump Truck Cake

This dump truck was so much fun to make but time consuming too. I started by baking two 9×13″ cakes. Once cooled I cut out the shapes I needed and put the pieces together to resemble a dump truck.

It took 2 tubs of icing to cover everything and that was the most time consuming part. I realized that the more icing you use, the heavier it is and it can actually start to pull your cake apart if it’s too heavy. I suggest finding a light whipped icing if possible. After the icing came the fun part of decorating! I used gel icing tubes for the window outlines and grill; smarties for the lights and wagon wheels for the tires.

I was going to use cruller donuts (aka tractor tires) but they’re fairly light colored and I really wanted to use something dark for the tires. I filled the back of the dump truck with bridge mix and white chocolate pieces.

My son was thrilled and has asked for a backhoe cake for his next birthday. I’ll definitely be looking on the “coolest birthday cakes” site for ideas!

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