Cool Homemade Dump Truck Cake

This dump truck cake was the second cake I have every made. It was more of a challenge than I thought it was going to be.

I first made a homemade chocolate cake in a half sheet pan. I then cut out the shape of the truck free hand, and set a side the extra cake. I then used homemade butter cream and lightly iced the cake. I used some of the spare cake to bulk up the cab part of the truck. I then made Rice Krispie treats and cut out the sides and top flap of the bucket of the truck.

I also made the wheels of the truck out of rice krispie treats. I made homemade MM fondant, colored it (my colors didn’t turn out the exact color I wanted them) yellow/orange and began covering the cake and Rice Krispie treats.

I then assembled the bucket of the truck with long dowels. I covered the wheels with MM fondant. I tried to color a crisp black and added some of the orange MM fondant as details for the wheels. I used a small lolly pop stick to attach the wheels to the body of the truck.

I filled the bucket of the truck with the remaining cake scraps, candy rocks, chocolate buttercream, and chocolate sprinkles to look like dirt. I used black gel food coloring to color a small amount of buttercream to pipe on the small details.

I had a long work week the week I made this for my friend’s son’s birthday and did not have the time I would of loved to put into this cake to make it look more realistic. I guess it was good enough for my friend’s son, because he just loved it! I love how easy it is to please a 4 year old!

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