Cute Homemade Dump Truck Cake and Smash Cake

This is a cake that I did for a one year old birthday. The mom had sticker of what she wanted the dump truck and smash cake to look like.

Both cakes are frosted with butter cream frosting. For the Dump Truck, I baked 3 bread loaf pans. Cut in one in half, and stacked, the bottom is holding up the main part of the truck and the other half is the cab. The sides of the truck is the other loaf pan. The “sand” and “dirt” are graham cracker crumbs. The smash cake was made out of an 8inch round cut to look like a stop sign.

1 thought on “Cute Homemade Dump Truck Cake and Smash Cake”

  1. That cake is truly awesome. The lucky one year old that received it was probably thrilled. I’m sure his parents were. I love the wheels and all the colors of the truck.

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