Cool Homemade Dunkin Donuts Cake

I made this Dunkin Donuts Cake for someone’s wedding shower, it’s a sheet cake carved and built out of yellow cake and I piped everything out in butter cream icing.

I made the donuts in the creative mood that I was in, so if you do it have fun with it and create your own fun donuts! The letters were out of fondant. It was definitely a challenge making this cake but it was worth it as I found I can do anything I put my mind to.

6 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Dunkin Donuts Cake”

  1. I think this cake is wonderful it has full detail and I would love to order it. and there is no way it could be better

  2. This cake is amazing. I was hoping to do something similar for my friend’s birthday. I know you used fondant for the letters, but did you have a special tool to cut them out so evenly?

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