Adorable Homemade 2D Easter Bunny Cake

I got the idea for this Easter bunny cake off of this site! It was very simple to make. I just mixed up a box of marble cake mix and baked it in two 9′ round cake pans. One of the cakes I kept round (for the face) and the other I cut the two ears out and used the remainder for the bunny’s bow tie.

I used buttercream icing to ice the cake and used chocolate icing to draw on the face and outline the bowtie. For the ears, eyes and bowtie I used Smarties. All the kids loved this cake! I think this one will become an Easter tradition in my family!

1 thought on “Adorable Homemade 2D Easter Bunny Cake”

  1. I have made this cake a few times. But I really like how you decorated it and am going to copy yours. :) You wrote that you used smarties… but they look like m&ms. Any pastel round candies will do the trick for me!

    Thanks for sharing!

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