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Cool Homemade Easter Bunny Face Cake

This Easter Bunny cake is super easy to make and is a real crowd pleaser.


One Box light colored Cake Mix

2-3 Tubs of White Frosting

Shredded Coconut

Jelly Beans

Green food coloring

Black, Blue, and Pink tubes of Gel Frosting


Bake your cake mix (night before party) as directed in 3 well greased round cake pans. In one of them, fill it a bit fuller than the others to create the mound for the bunny’s nose. When cool remove from pans and place each cake on it’s own plate in the fridge over night or 3 hours.

When very cold, cut ONE of the flat rounds in half and then cut the ends off to create ears. Arrange the ears and the other flat round on a cookie sheet, and frost with the white frosting. Then place the round with the mound on top of the flat round so that the mound if facing up, and frost.

Now with your Gel frosting tubes, decorate your bunny’s face and ears as desired. Then pat coconut on the bunny to make him look fluffy, while avoiding the eyes and other drawn on face and decorations.

YOUR DONE! Now if you want to add a little extra cuteness, put a little green food coloring in a zip lock bag with some coconut (to make “grass”) and then sprinkle it around on the cookie sheet and put a few jelly beans here and there!And you can do the same with red food coloring to make the inner ear pink! Have fun!

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