Cutest Homemade Easter Bunny Cake With Jellybeans

This Easter bunny cake was my first Easter cake that I made. It was a little hard doing the ears and the bowtie but I did it. I got the idea for this Easter Bunny Cake off of this site!

Making the colors was fun. I made two cakes this was my first one. I put the cake in the freezer and it was easier to put the icing on it and then put it back in the freezer for one hour, then I put the face on the bunny. I used white cake mix with splenda in it and baked it in two 9′ round cake pans kept one for the face and then cut the ears and bowtie out of the other one , and also used vanilla icing with splenda and took coconut and colored it green for the grass.

Then I put jelly beans in my grass and on my bowtie, and pink in the ears of my bunny. I put red icing for the whiskers and mouth. Everyone loved it.