Cute Homemade Easter Bunny Cake With Green and Yellow Bowtie

I remembered my mom making a homemade Easter bunny cake when I was little. I decided to try to create an Easter bunny cake too. I took two 9-inch round cake pans and used one as the face and the other I cut so that there were two ears on the sides of the pan and a bow tie in the middle. Then I used white icing to ice all of it.

The face is completely covered in coconut and the red of the ears is made of red sprinkles but it could also be done with a little bit of red/pink icing. The sides of the ears are also covered in coconut. The bow-tie is also colored with sprinkles but again it could be done with food coloring. The eyes and nose are made of two black jelly beans and a pink jelly bean. The whiskers are made of pull apart Twizzlers. The bow-tie can be decorated with whatever you have around that looks interesting.