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Cool Homemade Easter Basket Cake with Flowers and Eggs

This Easter Egg cake was very easy to make and turned out great! Perfect for Easter or in fact pretty much any occasion if you replace the eggs for any other sweet/chocolate.

I used two round sandwich tins and used a Devils food cake mix as well as a chocolate fudge cake frosting. Once the cakes were baked I used the frosting to cover and fill the cakes including on the sides. I then used Kitkats for the fencing around the sides of the cake- the frosting made it easier to stick them to the cake. I kept them in doubles. I then used green and blue sugar sprinkles (Dr Oetker candy crunch) for the grass effect, and mini eggs on the top.

The flowers are actually edible cake decorations, however, they wouldn’t be too difficult to make out of fondant icing. An alternative to this would be to use dessicated coconut dyed green to give a more realistic grass look- but I felt this would make the cake taste funny and I don’t much like coconut!

My family were very impressed with this cake and it tasted great! Highly recommended!

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