Coolest Easy Pink Barbie Cake

My husband spotted this site when we were looking for ideas on what kind of cake to make for our four year old after browsing for a while I decided to give a go to a pink Barbie cake.

Took a big bowl that seemed OK size wise and put plastic wrap on the inside. Then baked the basic no egg, no milk, no nothing cakes (x4) for the allergic little princess.  I carefully cut the harder top of the cakes to make thin “walls” inside the bowl as I was paranoid the cake would fall apart. Then just filled the bowl with the layers of banana, strawberry jam and a little vanilla oat cream. And put it on the terrace to cool (here in Finland it is fairly cool during winter).

I had white sugar paste that I colored with pink liquid food color, easier than I thought, could not find the ready pink paste this year. Used a bottle (could not find the rolling pin) to make a flat circle a bit bigger than the diameter of the cake measured over the bowl. Got the bowl from the terrace, put the serving tray on top and turned, comes out easily because of the plastic wrap. Then rolled the paste on a long cardboard roll  (the inside of a Christmas paper roll as the rolling pin was still missing and the bottle did not work for this) and unrolled on top of the cake. Cut the extra off, hid the seam with a bit of paste, put on ready decoration and molded a top for the Barbie. Finally stuck the Barbie in and voila!!! Ready!

My daughter was overly surprised as she had hoped for a cake with a Barbie shape incorporated but had been wondering how mom will pull it off. I was surprised myself about how nice it looked.

Hope you like it as well, all the best from Finland. Enjoy making your own Barbie Cakes!