Coolest Eeyore Birthday Cake

I made this Eeyore Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 1st birthday, as Eeyore is her favourite toy that she sleeps with and takes everywhere. This is a cake I designed by myself.

Firstly I made a large rectangular butter cake, using three times a home made butter cake recipe ( but packet cakes will work also) the size of cake I made takes 1hr to cook. I found an image of Eeyore’s head and made a baking/tracing paper template cutting out the head, ears and hair semicircle out separately.

Once positioned on the cake board, I made two quantities of Vienna or butter icing and divided it into three, with only a small amount for the black. The flesh pink icing was made from the pink after I had finished icing the ears by adding several drops of yellow colouring and lightening the colour with more white un-coloured icing.

Eyeore’s hair is strands of strap licorice cut with points and placed to look like a messy mane and mouth, nose and other black areas were also strap licorice cut into thin strips. The white of his eyes were made from royal icing that I made mixing together egg white and icing sugar until it was thick and then adding a drop of lemon juice. The white paste was kneaded with a little more icing sugar and then rolled to the desired thickness.

I hope this helps all those who want to make an Eeyore cake as there aren’t that many cakes/ideas available for such a lovable character. All of my daughters loved the cake, especially the birthday girl and blue icing was everywhere!

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  1. I so wish I had your creativity!! My son will turn 2 in November and he LOVES Eeyore. I wish I could cook up a beautiful cake like this for him! Like you said..there’s just not much Eeyore stuff to be found without Pooh in the picture, LOL. Good job on this cake! If you see this message in the next couple months…I’d really like to have a step-by-step recipe!

  2. That is such an adorable cake! My almost-3 yr. old has requested an Eeyore cake for her upcoming b’day…hope mine turns out like yours.

  3. I was looking for an Eeyore cake for my friend’s birthday. (He sounds and acts just like Eeyore.) I can’t believe this was originally made without a pattern! This is sooo perfect! Thank you!

  4. I had been looking for an Eeyore cake for my grandson’s 2nd birthday, and everything was Pooh and Tigger, but nothing with just Eeyore. Then I saw this sample of the cake and it blew me and my daughter away. Absolutely Awesome!!

  5. this is a wonderful cake of EEYORE. i luv him. i thank u so much cuz i have been looking 4 a EEYORE cake so i could do b4 my birthday which is this month on the 27th. again thank u so much ***u have answered one of my wishes***

  6. THat is awesome. My 4 year old daughter and myself just love Eeyore. We are celebrating her birthday this weekend and this cake is just perfect. Thanks for the great idea.

  7. I have just finished my copy of your eeyore cake.It took me quiet a while from start to finish but the end result is wonderful.It was relatively easy to make.I couldnt quiet match your colours,and I dont think my eyes were as good,but I got pretty close.Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful design.Im sure my daughter will be thrilled in the morning when she sees it!!

  8. You’re cake is wonderful! You had easy to follow instructions. I made this cake for my sons third birthday and he just loved it. Thanks for the wonderful idea. Keep posting your cakes.

  9. Your cake, picture and directions helped me to recreate your cake for my daughter’s 31st birthday.

    I made the face out of a French Vanilla Pound cake and the ears out of Chocolate pound cake.

    My daughter loves the grey eeyore so I changed the color and iced the cake with a star tip to give it a “furry” look.

    Your cake was one of best examples and easiest to follow.

    Thanks again!!

    p.s. the girl who received this cake was an exchange student to Australia after high school and loved the country.


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