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Coolest Eggster Cake

I made this Easter Basket cake for our Easter egg hunt.

Three days in advanced I made the basket handle, bow and yellow flowers. Mixing the Wilton Gum paste with Brown coloring for the handle, and 1/2 Wilton gum paste with my 1/2 home-made fondant and then added yellow coloring for the bow and flowers. Let it dry. Two days in advance I made the eggs with rice krispies and Wilton rolled fondant.

For the cake I just used one 8in Wilton round cake pan. I cut it in layers. First layer covered with my “secret chocolate filling recipe” and 2nd layer with strawberries (with a little of butter cream icing). On top I did a really thin layer with my butter cream icing.

I mixed the Wilton fondant with my own home made fondant (with vanilla and almond extract), rolled 16 inches of green colored fondant for the cover. Then rolled brown, yellow, purple, pink, etc. for the basket, flowers and leaves…..and the rest is history!

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