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Cute Homemade Purple Electric Guitar Cake

I made this electric guitar cake for my fiance Todd. He loves guitar and music. I used a 9 x 13 glass cooking dish. I made a stencil for the shape of the guitar body and neck. It’s a double layer devil’s food cake.

I made a peanut butter filling with 1/2 cup vanilla icing, 1/2 cup peanut butter, and 4 teaspoons of milk. I doubled it since it was a big cake. The filling tasted awesome. My fiance loves peanut butter, other fillings would have been great also.

It was hard to crumb coat the cake cause it was devil’s food and took more frosting to do. I used chocolate frosting with black food coloring for most of it. Vanilla frosting for the other colors I used. Peanut butter cups are the knobs on the body of guitar. Candy sprees are used on the neck, they are orange cause there was only five purple sprees in the pack. Purple is Todd’s favorite color. And marshmallows are the tuners on the neck.

I wanted everything to be edible. I wish I could have found something to use for strings. I piped on frosting for strings and messed up. I was so tired by the time I put the strings on and was in a hurry otherwise they would have looked better. I had a couple mishaps which I expected since this was the first guitar cake I made and it’s been years since I made a cake that was decorated to look nice.

Todd loved it which is what was important being his birthday cake. Everyone else thought it was great and it tasted great also. I plan on making another one and have all the right baking supplies. It would have helped to have just a icing knife when making this cake. I would like to also try fondant.

I hope everyone likes this cake and hopefully helped someone with ideas. The music sheet and amp are made of rice treats that I decorated in a hurry. I wish I gave myself more time and I’m happy it turned out as good as it did.



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