Cool Homemade 3D Blue Elephant Birthday Cake

I made this Elephant Birthday Cake for my son’s first birthday. We chose the elephant because it was a symbol of strength. He had endured a challenging first year of life (having to have open heart surgery), and the ‘elephant’ was one of his favourite toys in the hospital.

The cake was made from the Wilton teddy bear 3-D pan. I made some alterations (cut off the ears, added the trunk and formed the legs). The ears are made out of white card paper (bristle board). I iced them with white buttercream icing then outlined with the blue icing, and attached with skewers. The trunk is made from marshmallows (I placed them on a thick wire and inserted into cake). The top feet are marshmallows too.

I don’t have a lot of experience with cake decorating, but was up for the challenge. It was so much fun, and I can’t wait to make a different one!

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  1. hello my son is turning a year in March and he loves elephants and i would love to make him one how do i do that its soooo cute

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