My nephew specifically wanted a green elephant cake for his 4th birthday party. I didn’t want my sister to have to spend a lot of money for a custom cake so I volunteered my amateur baking services.

I used the white chocolate variation from the White Almond Sour Cream Wedding cake (from and baked three 6″ rounds for the head and ears, an 8″ round for the body and a 8″ square for the feet and trunk (you have to cut free form) and the rest of the batter as cupcake balloons.

I also melted white chocolate to free form the tusks and let it solidify. The chocolate fudge filling was made from instant pudding mix and I used heavy whipping cream and added confectioners sugar for additional sweetness and unsweetened cocoa powder for more chocolate flavor and put in some regular milk if the mixture was too stiff.

My only regret is not making my own frosting – I colored ready made frosting to save time but it tasted like store bought. It turned out pretty well and tasted great despite the store bought frosting (I highly recommend that recipe in