Coolest Elmo 1st Birthday Cake

I made this Elmo 1st Birthday Cake for my nephew’s 1st birthday. Bottom cake is ten” Madeira, middle is 8″ lemon, top is 6″ chocolate. I used plain sugarpaste and coloured with americolour electric colours, stacking them together using dowells as support. The stars are made from sugarpaste with gum traganth added. I used edible glue to put them on florist wires and let them dry flat for a good week, then curled the wire around a dowell to make it spiral.

The elmo on top I made from sugarpaste, just modelled it to look like Elmo. I put a dowell through body to attach head as it’s quite heavy. I used an orange jelly bean for a nose, and white sugarpaste for eyes, coloured the eyes black with an edible ink pen. I made it look fury by lifting the sugarpaste with a coctail stick, then just attached to top of cake with a lump of wet icing!

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