Coolest Elmo and Big Bird Cake

I got the idea for the Elmo and Big Bird Cake from this website. My cake required 4 cake mixes and several icings- I am not a baker, nor am I very crafty but this was my 1st baby’s 1st birthday and the cake had to be special!

I used two small Pyrex bowls for Elmo and Big Bird’s heads (be sure to butter and flour them well so the heads keep their shape I had to glue Big Bird’s head together with icing because he broke) and I made 2 huge sheet cakes large enough to support two big heads on top with space to write Baby’s name.

First I iced the sheet cakes and stacked them, then I secured the undecorated heads onto the cake with 5 toothpicks each. I covered Big Birds head in vanilla icing then made his feathers with a leaf tip, one feather at a time! I had the vanilla icing on it as glue, but it turned out to be a good base so you don’t see naked cake under the feathers. I used a sugar cone for his beak covered in (relatively)smooth yellow icing.

Next was Elmo’s fur. I melted vanilla icing a little bit, added lots and lots of red food coloring and carefully poured it a little at a time over his head. I let it dry for a few seconds, then I took the back of a fork and made fur like stripes on him. It’s hard to see in the picture but Elmo’s nose is orange- I melted pumpkin candy corn with the green cut off, and quickly shaped it into a perfectly 3D orange Elmo nose! It was awesome!

Both heads had jumbo marshmallows as eyes with a drop of black for the pupils- that looked so great! The rest was just basic writing. I am so proud of my cake, this was my first real baking experience. It was not hard, just time consuming. My precious baby was worth every second! Our cake was the talk of the party! Thank you for the inspiration and the tips that gave me the confidence to do this for Baby Gianni.

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