I made these Homemade Elmo and Cookie Monster Birthday Cakes for my twin boys’ first birthdays. To make these cakes, I used some ideas I found on this website and made it my own!

Elmo: I baked 2 boxed cake mixes in a Kitchen Aid stand mixer bowl for about 1 hr. 45 min at 350 degrees. ( I was nervous about using the bowl but it came out fine). To decorate, I used Wilton red frosting – about 4 tubes, give or take. To get the “fur” look, I dyed coconut: 1 package of Baker’s coconut in a Ziploc storage bag and roughly 1 bottle of red food coloring. Shake until you get the desired color. The eyes are Hostess Snowballs with mini-Oreos stuck on with white frosting, and the nose is also a Hostess Snowball. The mouth is just black icing.

Cookie Monster: I baked 2 boxed chocolate cake mixes in 4 9-inch round cake pans. I only used 3 of the cakes and cut up the 4th for their “smash cakes”. Layer 3 of the cakes as you would for any layer cake. This took a LOT of Wilton Royal Blue frosting – about 6 tubes. Again, I dyed coconut blue and used Snowballs and Oreos for the eyes. I made chocolate chip cookies and stuffed them in between two of the layers. Very easy and cute!