Cute Homemade Elmo Birthday Sheet Cake

My daughter loves Elmo. So for her 2nd birthday I decided to make her Elmo Birthday Cake myself. I looked online for ideas and came to this sight. I got a lot of inspiration from here but I looked elsewhere to find a picture of Elmo that I really liked. I ended up finding one at a scarp booking sight.

The crayon in Elmo’s hands was originally a “1”. I enlarged and traced the picture from the computer. I did that by taping a piece of sketch paper onto the screen so it wouldn’t move. I traced it with a black crayon so I wouldn’t damage the monitor. Then I took wax paper and taped it to the sketch paper & poked holes for an outline. I baked a funfetti cake to go with all of the colors of the party.

I used a one layer 11×15 sheet pan. It took 2 boxes of cake mix. I made my own base icing. I got the recipe for buttercream frosting from I ended up not needing a crumb coat. I used the ready made colored frosting in the tubes and used my own decorating tips. Since this was my first real decorated cake it took about 5-6 hours. For my first attempt, I was pretty pleased with the final product.

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