Cute Homemade 2D Waving Elmo Birthday Cake

I made this Elmo birthday cake for my son’s 2nd birthday. I traced Elmo from a picture on parchment paper. I cut it out and used a toothpick to trace it onto the frosted cake. I used an 12 x 18 Wilton 2 inch baking sheet (2 mixes per layer, total of a two layer cake).

I frosted it with Wilton’s frosting (used 10 cups total). I decorated Elmo with a Wilton Star tip and red icing. I hope you enjoy this cake and can use it for an idea of your own.

2 thoughts on “Cute Homemade 2D Waving Elmo Birthday Cake”

  1. So – I live in Georgia now and was looking for an Elmo cake. I think it’s funny that the one I chose came from a Lodian, I lived in Galt til we moved in August of 2007!!!


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