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Cool Homemade Elmo and Dump Truck Birthday Cake

My dad’s name is Elmo and he drives a dump truck, so I thought that this Elmo Birthday Cake would be the perfect cake for his 70th birthday. I used a Wilton teddy bear cake pan for the Elmo. The eyes and nose are made of gumpaste. I formed an open mouth with gumpaste and after it had hardened I just cut the wedge shape out of the cake and used royal icing to “glue” it in place.

The ears of the teddy bear should also be cut off. If your cake has any cracks in it, use a piping bag to fill the cracks with royal icing. You may also use a piece of foil to wrap around Elmo to hold it together until the royal icing has hardened. I also attached cupcake feet in this way to make his legs longer. This was a fun cake to make.

4 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Elmo and Dump Truck Birthday Cake”

  1. I think that cake is so cute. How did you make it to where it is 3D? I want to make something like that for my daughter, She loves Elmo! Her Birthday is in a month so we were look to see what we found to make with Elmo.

  2. I also love your cake. I will ask the same questions:
    1. What did you use and how did you attach that longer arm on the bear cake mold.
    2. What do you mean when you said you used cupcakes to make the legs longer?
    Could you be more specific and elaborate. I would love to try my rendition of this.
    Any info would be appreciated.


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