Adorable Homemade Elmo Birthday Cake Idea

This Elmo Birthday Cake Idea was made from scratch. It consists of 2 sheet cakes, 2 rounds, and 3 cupcakes. The cake is a delicious carrot cake and the cupcakes were chocolate (for those allergic to the nuts). We made the cakes and froze them overnight. The next night we made a gallon of white icing, frosted the sheet cakes and two cupcakes white. Then we cut a crescent off the top of the rounds to shape it more oval with corners for the mouth. Then we frosted this, the head red. Place them on top of one another and then on top of the 2 sheets.

Size up the cupcake eyes on the cut pieces from the round and place on top of the sheet to support the eyes. Frost the 3rd cupcake orange for the nose. Place Oreo cookies on the eyes. Finally use black icing for the mouth. Clear out the freezer for this quadruple layered cake of goodness. Enjoy!

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