Cute Homemade Elmo Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Elmo Birthday Cake Idea for my 2 year old for his 2nd birthday. He loves Elmo, every time he sees Elmo he will say melmo. This cake took about 2 hours to just cut it out, we didn’t use a cake pan. I just baked 4 1/4 sheet cakes and then we cut it out. It was two chocolate quarter cakes and two vanilla cakes. It took about 3 hours just to decorate it, it was all worth the time we put into it.

I couldn’t of been happier with the way it turned out. It also took six cans of frosting to frost the entire cake. When it came down to frosting it, I had to recruit the help of my boyfriend and his friend to help frost this cake, because my hand would not have lasted if I needed to frost this entire cake by myself.

Everyone loved this cake and could not believe that it was a homemade cake. I can’t wait to make the next one.

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